The Basic Seminar for the QM Pilot offers the opportunity to get to know the basic functionalities of the software and allows participants to model processes, enter documents and risks and manage and update them. In addition, basic configuration options and master data are presented. This enables participants to use the software largely independently in their everyday work.

We can only offer this in German at the moment.

Configuration Training

The Configuration Seminar is designed to enable participants to get to know the broad range of configuration possibilities of the QM Pilot and be able to apply them. During the seminar, all configuration and customisation possibilities are explained and tips for typical everyday cases are given. Participants should be familiar with the basic functionalities of the QM Pilot.

We can only offer this in German at the moment.

Individual Training

We will be glad to offer you an individual training session on your premises, e.g. during the installation phase of the QM Pilot or for the focused training of responsible administrators. The scope and content of the training session can be individually defined.

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Inhouse Basic Training

The in-house Basic training is an excellent option for training a group of employees in the basic functionalities, the use of the QM Pilot and the maintenance of content. The in-house seminar lasts half a day; the ideal number of participants is 15-20 at a maximum.

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Individual Online Training

If a personal seminar is difficult to plan due to distance or for other reasons, we offer the option of discussing individual topics in remote meetings in the QM Pilot and having functions demonstrated directly online. The scope and content can be individually determined.

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General questions
The QM Pilot can be used regardless of industry and size of the company. The focus is on process modelling, standard-compliant document control and the linking of all relevant information.
Company licenses are issued according to FTE (full-time-equivalent) positions. Regardless of this, any number of roles and authorisations in the system may be assigned.
First of all, we provide access in our trial environment where several interested parties can try out functions and look at sample content. Once the interest of a potential buyer and his own tests have become more specific, we provide a separate trial environment for a limited period of time.
We will be glad to offer you an online or in-house presentation of the QM Pilot. You can get to know us personally, clarify individual wishes for the system directly and have them shown to you. Feel free to contact us if you’re interested.
Technical questions
There is the possibility of purchasing the QM Pilot on-premise license and having it installed in your own server infrastructure. If this is not desired or if an adequate infrastructure is not available, the QM Pilot can also be leased as a cloud solution.
Yes, Abel Systems also offers server hosting for license customers.
You have the option of concluding a Support and Maintenance Contract. In the cloud variant, the contract is already included. The contract is free of charge for the first 6 months after purchasing the license. After that, the contract can be optionally concluded. The standard software includes all updates as well as the use of our Support by e-mail or telephone. For further information, you can request our associated GTC.
Minimum requirements: Windows server, version >= 2003 with IIS >= 6.0 MS SQL Server or SQL Server Express >=2005 MS .NET Framework 4.51 4 GB RAM Recommended requirements: Windows Server 2016 MS SQL Server 2014 MS .NET Framework 4.52 6 or 8 GB RAM
Yes, the QM Pilot is multi-client capable. Get in touch with us. We will be glad to support you with individual implementation.
In principle, the documents are stored in the QM Pilot database. There they can be maintained and managed. It is then theoretically no longer necessary to save them in the file system. Web links can also be created as documents in the QM Pilot.
There is a separate process editor integrated in the QM Pilot. A tabular quick capture is available for the initial capture of a process with which the flow from the entered data is automatically generated. In the process editor, data such as responsibilities, documents, risks, etc., can then be linked with the process steps, and adaptations to the flow can be made.
The risk module can be optionally acquired with the basic software. With it, risks are can be captured and described. For each risk, measures can be entered and monitoring can be performed. Each risk can also be assigned to individual processes or process steps. Detailed reports can be issued on the risk landscape, all risk data and links to processes.
Authorisations for viewing and editing can be restricted by individually created groups. In this case, only logged-in users belonging to the selected group can see the content intended for you. For all the others, this restricted content is not viewable/editable.



We are there for you even after installation and support you in all questions revolving around the QM Pilot!

At our Helpdesk, you’ll find the User Guide as well as many quick reference guides on frequent questions about the use of the QM Pilot.
You can also send support requests via the Helpdesk.

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