Announcement: Audit management

The QM pilot will be offering a software module for audit management from spring 2020.

Audits are relevant for most companies - whether as part of a certification, internal audits or supplier audits. Central and comprehensive audit management is essential for this.

In the QM pilot, audits can be created and managed in a free structure. The entire process from planning to implementation to action management is taken into account.

In audit management, all audit-relevant data can be recorded in up to four differently configured input masks. All data already in the system (processes, documents, risks) can be linked directly to the audits. This enables a subsequent evaluation of the audited processes and related documents.

Checklists can be created freely and filled out directly in the system. The integrated management of measures for detected deviations and information completes the audit management.

The audit management module is an optional additional module.


Audit data

  • Choice between four configurable input masks (internal, external, suppliers, other audit)
  • Acquisition of basic audit data and linkage to audited processes, people, standards ...
  • Can be expanded with configurable characteristic data fields
  • The date and time are included in the audit calendar
  • Specified auditors and auditors can be informed by email notification
  • Storage structure freely selectable


  • Creation of a detailed agenda for the audit including date and time
  • Collection of additional data such as topic, location, checklist and participants
  • Linking checklists with individual agenda entries
  • Agenda can automatically be attached to the email notifications as a PDF


  • Adding questions / requirements to checklists
  • Inclusion of each question in a question pool that is available for new checklists
  • You can create your own rating scales
  • Checklist templates can be used multiple times in audits
  • Complete the checklists in the system
  • Measures for deviations in the checklist view


  • Recording of measures in connection with deviations
  • Registration of general audit measures
  • Email notifications for managers and auditors
  • Overview of all measures recorded for the audit
  • Reporting on all measures

More functions

  • Document filing for the audit
  • PDF report of the audit
  • Authorization control for all areas
  • Calendar overview for all audits
  • Portal overview "Open measures", "My audits"