Process management

Transparent and always up-to-date process descriptions, combined with the respectively valid documents are essential in today's management systems (e.g. ISO 9001, EFQM, or label-based systems).

In the QM pilot, process descriptions can be easily and quickly recorded in the editor and linked to all associated information and documents. This way, your employees have all the information they need in the process. An interactive process landscape is automatically generated from the process structure, which makes everyday work easier, since processes and documents no longer have to be searched for in filing systems, which ensures easy access to current information directly in the system with little effort. This ensures that employees always have access to the current version.

The process management module is included in the basic software.

Flow Chart

  • Graphic editor for modeling the processes
  • Selection between flow charts and BPMN swimlane display
  • Fast entry editor for newly recorded processes
  • Freely definable process structures
  • Configurable process descriptions and process layouts
  • Linking documents, risks and master data
  • Workflow-supported test and approval procedure to ensure process control; - If necessary with email support

Process description

  • Freely definable fields for the process description (key data)
  • Linking the content from the process in the key data (documents, risks)
  • Call up the linked content directly from the key data
  • Different field types (text fields, selection lists, date fields, check boxes, ...)
  • Active links in PDF print version on linked documents and risks

Process administration

  • System-controlled versioning of processes
  • Review and approval workflow
  • Different language versions of a process can be created
  • Authorization management
  • Version history
  • View and manage process feedback
  • All archived versions can be called up including process description and procedure


  • Keyword search including full text search
  • Navigation via process map or process structure
  • Process overview including all relevant information
  • Access only to current processes and associated released documents and risks
  • Open the linked documents and risks directly from the process

More functions

  • Integration of your own graphic process map
  • Comprehensive reporting on the processes
  • Control of access rights
  • Change feed on the home page
  • Subscriptions: Email notification when a new version feed is released on the homepage
  • Feedback possibility for every process
  • PDF export of process description + process
  • Excel export of the process structure including metadata
  • Master Data Tables