Organization management

The organizational management module can be used to represent the organizational structure in the form of an organizational chart.

This enables the organizational units to be assigned to employees and content. This means that users can be given pre-filtered content, for example by department or location. In addition, extended information on organizational units and employees can be recorded and evaluated using reports. Employees can be found using the integrated search and, for example, contact details can be called up quickly using a business card.

The organizational management module is an optional additional module.

Organization chart

  • Mapping the organizational structure
  • Staff positions
  • Organization chart is automatically generated from structure
  • Publish selected organizational units
  • Assignment of employees / users to organizational units
  • 5 layouts (free choice of colors) and different tree structures
  • PDF export of the organization chart


  • Freely definable fields for organizational units and employees (key data)
  • Linking the fields to master data tables
  • Collection of additional relevant information on organizational units and employees
  • optional: display of information in business card

Filtered view

  • Allocation of processes, documents and risks to organizational units
  • Assignment of users to organizational units
  • Manual or automatic filtering of content by organizational unit
  • Filtered search possible
  • Enables the user to view the content relevant to him / her


  • Employees are considered in the search
  • Basic data and organizational affiliation in business card
  • Optional further information shown (employee information)
  • The business card opens when a name is selected in the system

More functions

  • Integration of the organizational unit in process flows
  • Specific reports
  • Access authorization for the organization chart and information
  • Display images to users