Manage audits centrally and easily

Central planning, implementation, documentation and monitoring of measures

Audits are relevant for most companies - whether as part of certification, internal audits or supplier audits. Central and comprehensive audit management is therefore indispensable.

In the QM Pilot, audits can be created and managed in a free structure. The entire process from planning and execution to measure management is included in the audit management. The system is based on the classic audit process and thus supports in a simple and clear way.

Audit data

In audit management, all audit-relevant data can be recorded in up to four differently configured input masks. All data already in the system (processes, documents, risks, master data) can be directly linked to the audits. This enables a subsequent evaluation of the audited processes and associated documents. The audits recorded with date and time are transferred to a calendar overview. The link between the time of the audit and the audited process is also used for an automatically generated audit plan. In addition, a document repository is available for each audit so that external documents can be stored centrally during the audit. This means that all data is centrally managed and available.

Auditdaten im QM-Pilot

Audit agenda

For a detailed planning of a more extensive audit, the possibility of creating an agenda is available. Here, data such as time, rooms, persons involved and individual checklists can be linked to the entries. This agenda can be automatically attached as a PDF in the e-mail notifications.

Auditagenda im QM-Pilot

Checklist templates

Checklists can be created as templates and stored with their own evaluation schemes. These can be created as desired in the master data and selected for each checklist. All questions and receivables already entered are included in a question pool, which can be accessed when new checklists are added. The created checklists are then available for selection during audits. In this way, checklists can be used for several audits. This has the advantage that a simple benchmarking is possible during regular audits and checklists are not created anew each time.

Audit-Checkliste im QM-Pilot

Measure management

he integrated measure management for identified deviations and indications completes the audit management. Measures can be created directly in the checklist for the recorded deviations (+). A central action management for each audit also allows the inclusion of additional measures, which are included independently of a claim/deviation. The measures can be tracked and supported by automatic or status-controlled notifications. In addition to the view directly in the audit, there is also a central reporting of all measures across all audits. Here, too, the simple and untuitive way has been chosen so that claims, evaluation, deviations and measures can be clearly managed in one place.

Auditmassnahmen-Erfassung im QM-Pilot

Reporting and monitoring

The reportings of the QM Pilot allow a quick and easy evaluation of the existing audit data - both of the individual audits and of the deviations and measures. The system is supported by e-mail notifications and a user-specific portal overview. Thus, monitoring is possible centrally, easily and clearly in the QM Pilot.

Audit-Portalübersicht im QM-Pilot

Integrating audit management into the existing management system simplifies the linking and evaluation of information and the maintenance of audit-relevant data. It is no longer necessary to store this information outside the system and to maintain it manually. The system-supported action and reminder management facilitates the monitoring of recurring audits and action workflows.