Document management

Having the correct and up-to-date documents at a central location is crucial for the optimal execution of processes and the support of employees in the workplace. The QM pilot offers the appropriate document management in the basic package.

The QM pilot not only manages documents and supplements them with the desired information, but also creates a direct link between process, risk and document.

In document management, the documents are controlled according to standards and are available to readers in the view area as the currently released version. Documents can also be made available outside the system via clear web links - the link always leads to the current version of a document.

The document management module is included in the basic software.


  • Free structure design
  • Navigation across document landscape or structure
  • Keyword search including full text search
  • Preview in the system
  • Subscriptions: E-mail notification when a new version is released
  • Set favorites
  • Feedback option for every document
  • Links to released content can also be made available to external systems


  • Storage of all file formats or web links in the QM-Pilot database
  • Different language versions of a document can be created
  • Workflow-supported test and approval procedure to ensure document control; - If necessary with email support
  • Historization and archiving of documents
  • Inclusion of all types of documents
  • Preview for common file formats
  • Control of access and editing rights
  • Automatic generation of PDFs


  • Linking documents in the process flow
  • Linking to risks
  • Linking of documents via a unique document link in other systems
  • Access via link always to the latest released document version
  • Overview of the processes / risks in which a document is linked
  • Access to the documents from the audit module
  • Links do not have to be updated with a new document version

More functions

  • Change feed on the home page
  • Publication of news on the home page
  • Reporting on all documents
  • Task management for documents in the portal overview
  • ZIP download of all documents within one process
  • Individual role concept configurable
  • Access controllable for the administration area
  • Replication options in a file structure