Do any of these situations sound familiar?

quality management

You have not yet established your quality management system or are losing track of it?

QM Manual

You have a QM manual, but it is hardly used?

Replacement of QM system

You already use a QM system that you want to replace?

Then the QM Pilot is the solution to your quality management problem!

Documents can be included, versioned and archived. A review and approval workflow is supported. Currently approved documents are always available. All versions and the associated changes are documented. All file formats and web links can be stored.

Document icon

Standard-compliant document control

A review and approval workflow is available for all content. Responsibilities can be assigned per content. Only approved content is available in the view area. The reason for the change as well as meta data on who changed what and when are documented. In addition, a comprehensive notification system exists.

Checkbox Icons

Review and approval workflow

The structure within the modules can be set up freely and independently of each other. In the process module, for example, the structure is based on the process landscape, while in the case of documents it is based on the company structure or document types, if required.

Icon structure

Free structure design

The QM Pilot is a standard software with a high level of configurability. This means that fields, tables and process flow can be set up via the user interface. Rules and settings can be adapted to company-specific requirements. The roles and authorisation concept can also be freely defined.

Gear symbol

High level of configurability

Optionally, a risk module is available with the basic software. Risks can be captured together with the relevant measures that were taken and linked to processes or process steps. Through extensive reports, the risk management can be analysed. All required fields, calculations, risk matrices and tables can be configured individually.

Attention Icon Risk Management

Risk management

An integrated easy-to-use process editor is available that allows the modelling of flow charts or BPMN swimlanes. The display can be selected for each process. Within the editor, all content from the QM Pilot can be linked; in each case, access to the latest version is ensured.

Process step Icon

Process modelling

The QM Pilot has repetitive structures in its setup and operation. The basic functionalities as well as the process modelling can be operated intuitively. Document content, meta data and process flows are indexed and can be quickly found with the integrated search function. An extensive training program is not necessary.

Finger on Touchpoint Icon

Easy to operate

Access is possible via a Web browser from anywhere with all common devices; additional hardware or software is not required. All data present in the system can be output as reports via database queries. The QM Pilot can be operated internally in the company or provided by Abel Systems in the cloud.

Browser symbol

Web-based and database-supported

Clearly arranged and cutting edge: QM Pilot 3.4

The QM Pilot helps you with the setup of a management system. Processes can be quickly and easily modelled and linked with content from the document management and the master data. Employees always only have access to the latest version.

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