Quality management in industry

Companies are often required by law or by stakeholders to manage quality, even if qualitymanagement certification is not always required.

Quality management is also a useful tool for organizational management. It serves the systematic definition and improvement of processes and clarifies responsibilities, work processes and serves the transparency of the processes in a systems. This saves time and costs, processes and specifications are transparent for every employee and enables an usable information management.

In the QM-Pilot tool, process descriptions can be displayde using a flow chart with all necessary documents and information directly linked in the flow chart steps. In this way, all relevant information and documents are available quickly and easily in everyday life.Qualitymanagement should never be seen as a pure fullfilment of duty. Only when it is understood and lived can it bring the desired benefits.

With the QM-Pilot, a standard-oriented quality management system according to ISO 9001:2015 and other standard can be set up.



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