Quality management in the service sector

Companies are often required by law or by stakeholders to manage quality, even if QM certification is not always required.

However, quality management is also a useful tool for organizational management. It serves the systematic definition and improvement of processes and clarifies responsibilities, work processes and serves the transparency of the processes in a system.

In the QM pilot, process descriptions can be displayed using a flow chart and all necessary documents and information can be linked directly to the process description. In this way, all necessary information and documents are available quickly and easily in everyday life. A QM should never be seen as a pure fulfillment of duty. Only when it is understood and lived can it bring the desired benefits.

With the QM-Pilot a standard-oriented system according to ISO 9001: 2015 can be set up.

Use Case

Hälg Group

"One system for all business areas"
As a fourth-generation family business managed by the owners, the Hälg Group is guided by a long-term and sustainable objective: it wants to be the leading Swiss service provider for building technology in the areas of heating, ventilation, air conditioning, refrigeration and sanitation throughout the entire life cycle of a facility. Facility management complements these services with high-quality services for buildings, sites and their users. The group of companies employs 1125 people at 22 locations in Switzerland and achieved sales of CHF 312 million in 2020. The Hälg Group comprises: Hälg Holding AG, Hälg & Co. AG, Dober AG, Klima AG, Meneo Energie SA, Zahn + Co. AG, Hälg Facility Management AG, GOAG General Optimizing AG and Vadea AG.
The Hälg Group has been certified according to ISO9001 since 1996. Over this long period of time, new business areas have been established and the whole group has grown strongly. The process descriptions and document templates could not keep pace with this development, were not sufficiently adapted to the individual business areas and were not accessible to all people in the company. This is why the Hälg Group decided to introduce the QM Pilot. On the one hand, all employees should be able to access the processes and tools at any time and from anywhere. On the other hand, it had to be possible to map the five business areas of the Hälg Group with their specific needs.
The challenge was to make all existing processes and tools from all business areas accessible via a single entry point. At the same time, the system should not be overloaded. The employees from the different business areas should only see the processes and tools relevant to them and their business area. In addition, the user administration should be automated so that no manual intervention is necessary for entries and exits.
The QM Pilot system allows the process architecture to be mapped according to needs. By assigning roles and groups, it can be ensured that all employees are only shown the information that is relevant to them. The easy-to-create process maps bring transparency even to complex processes. The linking of centrally managed tools with the processes ensures that the current documents can always be accessed and that there are no duplications. The onboarding of new employees takes place with practically no training effort because the system is easy to use. The LDAP connection automates the entry and exit of new employees and there is no additional administrative effort. And thanks to the cloud solution, processes and data can be accessed at any time and from anywhere. However, if any questions or problems arise, the support team at Abel Systems can always be reached quickly for assistance.


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