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We now offer a platform to present certain topics concerning quality management, management systems and new developments in an easily understandable way and to show exemplary implementation possibilities with the QM-Pilot.

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Manage audits centrally and easily

Central planning, implementation, documentation and monitoring of measures

Audits are relevant for most companies - whether as part of certification, internal audits or supplier audits. Central and comprehensive audit management is therefore indispensable. Do you still work with Excel lists and manual checklists? Do you have an opaque and complicated filing system for all audit documents and audit data?

Audits can be managed centrally in the QM Pilot in a simple and clear manner. The entire process from planning and implementation to action management is taken into account in audit management.

How this works best, we explain in our blog.

Data quality in the management system

Criteria and tips for high data quality

In times of digitalization, data is becoming more and more important. But more data does not mean added value if the quality of the available data is not high enough. We have summarized briefly and clearly which criteria have to be considered, what influence they have and how this can be implemented with simple functions in the QM Pilot.

Governance-Risk-Compliance Management

Approaches for implementation in the QM-Pilot

Governance, risk management and compliance summarises the three most important levels of action for the successful management of a company. In our blog article we present examples of how this can be implemented for G-R-C in the QM pilot.

Recommendations for process management

Tips around process modelling and design

What information is best collected on a process? Which of this is master data that should be created centrally? What display options are there? How detailed should processes be and when is a work instruction better as a document?

Tips and advice on these and other questions will follow soon in our blog post.

Agile quality management - is that possible?

Agility and ISO9001 - is that possible?

The topic of agility and the question of compatibility with ISO 9001 is increasingly being raised. These topics are not automatically mutually exclusive. Even agile processes are regulated, controlled and documented.

Information about agile QM will follow soon in our blog post.