Risk management

Knowing your own company or ICS risks, managing them centrally and dealing with them correctly is not only an important issue in relation to ISO 9001 and legal requirements. With risk management software, these can be recorded, analyzed and managed.

In the QM pilot, risks can be recorded, managed and analyzed. Measures and associated controls can be recorded for each risk, which supplement the risk management in the QM pilot. The risks can be linked to the processes and documents so that relationships are better recognized and understood.

Comprehensive reporting enables risk management to analyze and evaluate risks, associated measures and links to processes and documents, and risks can also be assigned to specific normative bases. Should it come to a standard-specific audit or a standard audit, risk management can make a direct evaluation of the risks involved.

The risk management module is an optional additional module.

Risk data

  • Individual fields for the risk description can be configured.
  • Evaluation schemes can be freely defined and stored.
  • Simple calculations for risk values ​​based on the stored master data.
  • Evaluation of the fields via reporting risk matrix


  • Measures are recorded directly with the risk
  • Periodicity for the automatic creation of controls can be saved
  • The person responsible is entered and notified when the check is due
  • Substitute can be entered for escalation
  • Controls are documented in the system
  • Evaluation of measures and controls via reporting


  • Large selection of standard reports
  • supplemented by specific reports
  • filtered views for reports
  • user-configurable
  • Excel export for all reports

More functions

  • Control of access authorization
  • Change feed on the home page Subscriptions: E-mail notification when a new version is published
  • Feedback option for every risk
  • PDF export of the risk data + Risk matrix
  • Excel export of the risk structure including metadata
  • Linking the risks in the process flow or the process key data